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Sunsilk Perfect Straight Conditioner – 180ml

Sunsilk Perfect Straight Conditioner – 180ml

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Product Details of Sunsilk Perfect Straight Conditioner – 180ml

Sunsilk Perfect Straight Conditioner – 180ml

The Sunsilk perfect straight conditioner has been specially formulated to enhance the effects of the Sunsilk perfect straight shampoo. It is designed to reaches your deepest hair fibers, reduce frizziness and help straighten hair strands, aligning them perfectly as your hair dries. This conditioner is manufactured using the straight-lock technology that gives you flawlessly straight hair after every wash. Co-created with Sunsilk expert Yuko Yamashita, Sunsilk perfect straight conditioner is the ideal conditioner to get straight, tangle-free hair. Made in Thailand.”

How should men use conditioner?
– After you rinse the shampoo off from your hair, take some conditioner in one palm and rub both your palms together to evenly distribute it.
– Make sure to apply the conditioner from the mid to the end sections of your hair.
– Leave the conditioner on your hair for a minute or two, for best results.
– Use lukewarm water to wash off the conditioner from your hair.

Applying conditioner before shampoo feels backwards and kind of wrong, like wearing your clothes inside out or reading the last chapter of a book before you even get to the intro. But switching up this 2-step, age-old beauty routine every now and again may have some big benefits for your hair.

The main reason you’d ever use a conditioner before you shampoo is if you’re using a pre-shampoo treatment. According to Butterfly Studio Salon Master Stylist, Nicole Descoteaux, these pre-shampoo treatments can be conditioners that are heavier than your average daily conditioner and give “deeper nourishment.”

“They nourish and hydrate without added weight, help to prime the hair cuticle, and offer detangling,” notes Descoteaux. But pre-shampoo treatments don’t just target moisture, and they can range in form. “There are also pre-shampoo formulas that target the scalp to detoxify, treat, and stimulate,” she says.

Why men should use conditioner?

Men need to take care of their hair too! Women love to run their fingers through their man’s hair, so all you men out there need to make sure that you nourish and condition it appropriately.

1. Soothing effect
Due to the properties of the conditioners, it helps to soothe and smoothen your hair cuticles making it shiny and silky.

2. Macho look
Working out makes your body strong, in the same way conditioners give strength to your hair! They prevent your hair from excessive damage and breakage.

3. Hydrates effectively
The conditioner helps to restore moisture back into your hair. This helps leave your hair moisturized at all times.

4. Settles your haircut in
The conditioner helps to maintain the shape of your haircut and improves the texture and look of your hair.

Product Specification of Sunsilk Perfect Straight Conditioner – 180ml

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